Daisy's Friends

About Us

Why Daisy?

Daisy is the self-appointed sheriff of all the forest school graduates on Orangutan Island.  She keeps bullies at bay and keeps order amongst the community.  She doesn’t tolerate others taking advantage of the weak.  Daisy works tirelessly to protect the others from any kind of trouble. She has protected her group from internal and external threats.

While watching the program, we realized Daisy is a role model for more than just her apes. Daisy is a role model for all of us. 

Regardless of her strengths, Daisy cannot fight developers, Daisy cannot fight disease and Daisy cannot fight a lack of food and medical resources. Daisy needs help. Daisy needs friends. We were established to gather a group of friends.  Friends for the environment, Friends for Apes, and Friends for Daisy.  

Thanks for taking time to look at the site and we hope that you will forward it on to your friends and family.  The more publicity these apes get the more we can help.